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Investor Invitation

Many people in engineering have a daydream to create and manufacture a product, but either time, finance or opportunity is lacking. That pretty much reflects my situation. However I enjoy working as a consultant design engineer - and need to pay my bills. So am happy to be patient working towards becoming a targa manufacturer during quiet spells. This way the CoupeHardTop project goes forwards, albeit slowly, without getting loaded with debt.

If however you like the idea of becoming involved in the project then I would consider taking on an investor.

Reviewing the slide show left, there is a huge potential for targa manufacture, if only someone can come up with a better targa. I have the right design and if you sign and send me the non disclosure agreement below, we can discuss your involvement.

With the cherished classic and modern cars shown, there is a latent potential of over a million customers for this revolutionary targa product. Of course not everyone would require a targa, but there is a living to be made once production and logistics are up and running.

We can then become original equipment suppliers as integral parts of future targa cars, right from their inception.

With rollover crash survival in full convertible/cabriolet a major concern, targas are set to become more prevalent and CoupeHardTop can crown - literally and figuratively - new car development.


CoupeHardTop non-disclosure agreement


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